July 1, 2017

Called to Sing and Serve

By Buboi Pampilon as told to Testimonial Ministry 

Kapag ako’y nag-iisa
Hindi malulumbay
Si Hesus ang kasama
Dumating man mga dambuhalang problema
‘Di mababalisa
Si Hesus ang kasama
Ako’y mahihimlay
Sa banal Niya’ng mga kamay
Siya ang aking Hesus

These are lines from my song, “Aking Hesus”. The journey that this song brought me on is one of the highlights of my life as a member of the Feast. In 2007, I joined the song-writing competition of the Kerygma Conference. Out of 150 entries, 10 songs were shortlisted in the finals and my original composition became the second song in the album, “Super Blessed” by the Light of Jesus Community. As if this was not enough to give me overflowing joy, my song was chosen by Bro. Bo Sanchez himself who sang it in the album.

I have been serving God through music for as long as I can remember. Before I joined The Feast Alabang, I used to sing in the choir of the Redemptorist Church in Baclaran because I was a member of Tinig ng Espiritu Santo community. Whenever I’d sing, I would feel my spirit speaking to God. I know in my heart that my purpose is to praise Him with all I have and to pour out what is in my heart.

When The Feast was just starting to grow and expand, I was invited to attend by my cousin, Arun Gogna.  Given my talent in singing, I chose to serve under the Music Ministry. As a singer who goes onstage during the worship sessions, people would oftentimes recognize me outside of The Feast. Because of this, I am faced with the temptation to feel arrogant. As a cousin of a well-known preacher, I have another reason to feel arrogant. As composer of the song chosen and sung by Bro. Bo, I have yet another reason to feel arrogant.

I have all these reasons to feel proud of myself and my accomplishments, but The Feast has taught me to have the heart of a servant – a heart that is bigger than my head and not the other way around. After all, ONLY GOD has the right to claim all the glory.

Aside from the lesson on humility, The Feast has also taught me that we are all channels of God’s blessings to others. I remember meeting a pedicab driver who has a talent for playing the drums. We asked him to serve with us in the Music Ministry. Soon, his talent was discovered and he got several invitations to play drums in other chapters of The Feast namely Sucat, Mandaluyong, Glorietta and Call Center. It was in Feast Mandaluyong where he met someone who offered him a job at the City of Dreams. He was truly grateful because from being a pedicab driver, he became a dispatcher of the casino’s transport service and later a dealer at the casino. While it was not an ideal job to be in, he claims with an expectant faith that more opportunities are coming because the doors of blessings have been opened for him.

I believe that regardless of the problems and difficulties we face in our lives, God wants us to serve in whatever way we can. He wants to bless us so we can become a channel of God’s blessings to others. As our Novena to God’s Love prayer goes, “…and because I am blessed, I am blessing the world, in Jesus’ name.”