July 1, 2017


By Charmaigne Rabe as told to the Testimonial Ministry

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” – Philippians 4:6

When my husband decided to quit working abroad October of last year, I was excited because that meant we can finally start a family. It’s been four years and he wanted 5 children. I’m not complaining, but my reproductive organs were out of sync! My medical check-up showed I still have cysts and the doctor suspected my fallopian tubes were clogged. My ovaries were going haywire. A second opinion only validated the initial results but the doctor assured us that with medication, we can get pregnant.

A procedure was scheduled to check if the tubes are open. These were my worries: 1) Finances, 2) the pain of the procedure and, 3) “What if the tubes were clogged?”

I struggled the whole week. During Sunday worship at The Feast, I just cried and talked to God about my worries.

Monday, I listened to worship songs and asked prayers from friends who assured me that everything will be alright.

Tuesday, we attended our LG (Light Group) meeting. I asked for prayers and was assured again everything will be okay.

Wednesday, my husband and I served at The Feast. I also asked for prayers from my co-servants. I was getting desperate by the day and prayer was my only hope. I know that God is bigger than my worries but still, I did not trust Him fully. Every post on my Facebook wall had something like “trust in the Lord” and “everything will be okay.” I felt God was telling me to relax in His love.

Thursday, I woke up nearly in tears, dreading the procedure.

Friday finally came. We received a text message from the doctor’s assistant rescheduling the procedure on Saturday. It was an answered prayer because I just wanted to skip Friday. I was excited for Sunday because Fr. Bob McConnaghy was guest speaker at The Feast. I thanked God for the answered prayer, however, I wanted Him to answer another prayer which is for me to endure the pain and have normal results. Financial blessings had come mid-week so we were ready to pay for the procedure.

Saturday morning, on the way to the hospital, I was a hot mess. I was crying. Worried. Afraid. The procedure finally happened. It was painful but tolerable. The results showed there was no clog. Our doctor was surprised and called me “buntis-able. Meaning I can conceive. My ovaries still had some issues but the solution is pregnancy. It was a miracle happening before our eyes! I thought God’s work was already amazing because of His previous miracles in our lives. But that day, He reassured me He can defy science. He proved He is our healer, our provider, a miracle worker. I am more than amazed by His work. We are now praying to conceive and by God’s Grace, the doctor said that we are ready to conceive anytime soon. All Glory to God! His goodness overflows!