November 18, 2017



The Couples Ministry is in charge of the various formation and activities of married Feast couples. Part of their task is to conceptualize and implement activities for couples every month. Their most successful milestone would be Lux, a regular couples’ retreat that is now on its tenth batch. Also, you can always rely on the Couples Ministry to serve in different capacities during many events and activities of the Feast.

The goal of Couples Ministry is to bring couples closer to each other and closer to God. Couples will find deeper meaning in their relationship as husband and wife and a deeper understanding of God’s role in their marriage as well as a fresh start for their marriage.

Join the ministry by signing up with a Couples Light Group.



Light groups are a small gathering of people interested in their spiritual growth. In the light groups, people can open up, listen, learn, pray for each other and grow in faith together. It provides a way to meet the needs of people who need encouragement in their walk with God or help in some way. Over time, relationships are formed and strengthened becoming a strong fabric that binds each one to the community.

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Couple LGs are for married couples.

Choose the Light Group schedule that best suits you.                                                                                                   

LG #      DAY                          TIME                          PLACE

39           SUNDAYS            11:00 AM                BELLEVUE

40           SUNDAYS            2:30 PM                  BELLEVUE

42           WEDNESDAYS    6:30 PM                SEATTLE'S BEST

43           WEDNESDAYS    7:00 PM                FESTIVAL MALL

70           WEDNESDAYS    7:00 PM                (YOUNG COUPLES) FESTIVAL MALL

44           WEDNESDAYS    7:30 PM                GLORIA JEANS-SM MUNTINLUPA

41           THURSDAYS        7:00 PM                Phase I McDO BF Homes Paranaque

45           THURSDAYS        7:00 PM                FESTIVAL MALL

71           FRIDAYS               6:30 PM                 FESTIVAL MALL

46           FRIDAYS  -           7:00 PM                CALAMBA   ( 1st &3rd)

72           FRIDAYS               7:00 PM                EVIA

47           FRIDAYS               8:00 PM                SM SOUTHMALL-LAS PINAS

48           SATURDAYS        3:00 PM                FESTIVAL MALL

49           SATURDAYS        4:00 PM                FESTIVAL MALL

50           SATURDAYS        4:00 PM                LOS BANOS(Chavez residence)

51           SATURDAYS        6:00 PM                 FESTIVAL MALL

52           SATURDAYS        8:00 PM                DASMA CAVITE

NOTE :  Light Group schedules in other Feast Alabang District locations are also available.  Visit the Feast for sign ups.




  • JOIN US FOR LUX COUPLES RETREAT, A RETREAT FOR MARRIED COUPLES HELD TWICE A YEAR.  The goal of the retreat is to bring Christ into the marriages of the participants. One of the highlights is the healing of broken and restoration of relationships.


  • LUX COUPLES RETREAT BATCH 12    FEB 10-11, 2018.
  • LUX COUPLES RETREAT BATCH 13    SEPT. 22-23, 2018


  • LUX COUPLES RETREAT  BATCH 11    AUG 19-20, 2017