November 18, 2017



The Youth Ministry handles the various formation and activities of the youth, aged 12 to 21. The Youth Ministry likewise coordinates with the Light of Jesus Family Youth Central, regarding the various community-wide events and activities, like the Youth Camps and the Brighter Conference which happens every year at The Kerygma Conference. They also get to serve in the various Feast events and activities: they can provide technical support, be part of the dance group, music choir, warmth, and be prayer intercessors, among others. The Youth undergoes various mentoring programs that equip, train, and prepare them as future servant leaders.

The goal of Youth Ministry is to bring the young ones closer to God. This is accomplished by engaging them in One on One Discipleship and thru Light Groups (LG).

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Light groups are a small gathering of people interested in their spiritual growth. In the light groups, people can open up, listen, learn, pray for each other and grow in faith together. It provides a way to meet the needs of people who need encouragement in their walk with God or help in some way. Over time, relationships are formed and strengthened becoming a strong fabric that binds each one to the community.

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Youth LG is for the young, aged 12 to 21.

Choose the Light Group schedule that best suits you.

LG #      DAY                          TIME                         PLACE

1              SUNDAYS            10:30 AM              BELLEVUE

2              SUNDAYS            10:30 AM              BELLEVUE

3              SUNDAYS            10:30 AM              BELLEVUE

4              SUNDAYS            1:00 PM                 BELLEVUE

5              SUNDAYS            1:00 PM                 BELLEVUE

6              SUNDAYS            1:00 PM                 BELLEVUE

7              SUNDAYS            1:00 PM                 BELLEVUE

8              SUNDAYS            1:00 PM                 BELLEVUE

9              SUNDAYS            1:00 PM                 BELLEVUE

10            SUNDAYS            1:00 PM                 BELLEVUE

11             SUNDAYS            1:00 PM                 BELLEVUE

69            SUNDAYS            1:00 PM                 BELLEVUE

12            SATURDAYS        6:30 PM                FESTIVAL

NOTE :  Light Group schedules in other Feast Alabang District locations are also available.  Visit the Feast for sign ups.




  • JOIN US EVERY 2ND and 4TH SUNDAY OF THE MONTH.The Youth High happens every 2nd and 4th Sunday at The Laguna Ballroom, Bellevue Hotel Alabang. The highlights of the activity are Worship, Talk and Squaddle.

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  • Camp Calye on April and May 2018.  Camp CALYE is the annual summer youth camp of the Light of Jesus Youth Missions. “CALYE” means “Choose A Life You’ll Embrace”. Every year, we invite young people to choose a certain path, or a specific direction or calling or mission, in which they'll live out. It may be a life of friendship, a life of generosity, a life of goodness, a life of simplicity, or a life of love.
  • Campus Life Conference on August 2018.  Campus Life Conference is the annual Campus Missions Event of the Light of Jesus Family. The Conference aims to empower the Youth to reach a higher standard of living and tap more into their potential the way God created them to be.



  • LAUNCHING OF YOUTH HIGH     Sept 24, 2017