July 26, 2017

Join a Ministry


Why Join a Ministry?

Joining a ministry isn’t just about serving God and His people, although that is the core of it. Ministry life is a reflection, too, of your own spiritual journey.

Oftentimes, it isn’t easy to commit if we regard ourselves as onlookers. But, when we engage and share in worthwhile missions-then that’s when the charge happens. A couple who serves with us once said, “We lasted with the community, in part because we have committed to serve.”

Serving is a far-reaching healing process. It infects the giver, the co-givers, and the recipients.

Excerpts from an article entitled, Always Worth It: A Call to Serve, tell us:

…a true servant of God does what Jesus had done, that is, “…to serve and to give his life to redeem many people” (Matt. 20:28).

…as Feast servants, we continue to journey in living out the things we learn from our fun-filled and empowering gatherings.

Come serve with us!

You will be blessed by your co-servants. You will grow with them. But most of all, as we have learned in the Feast, service can heal you.

Consider this: “God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them.” –Hebrews 6:10

At the Feast, people get the chance to serve God and His people through its various Pillars and Ministries.

Under the Call Pillar are the Engagement, Marketing, Media, Welcome, Outreach, Follow Up and Testimonial Ministries.

Under the Care Pillar are the Registry, Intercessory, Special Events, Send-Off, Mourning-to-Morning, Pastoral Care, Healing, Free Legal Assistance and Special Needs Ministries.

The Caritas Pillar includes the Book Table, Food, Fundraising, LIFT and Love Offering counter Ministries.

The Connect Pillar is composed of the Awesome Kids, Youth, Singles, Couples, Solo Parents, Gracious Living, and the Light Group Ministries.

Finally, the Warmth, Connection, Music, Creative, Production, Dance, Technical, Audio-Visual Creative, Liturgical, and Security Ministries make up the Creatives Pillar.

Been meaning to serve but don’t know how? Discover your interests and gifting. Find out how you can love others more through them.