July 26, 2017

To Fight with Love

By Ann Austria

Two things that resonated with me in this week’s talk:

1. Avoid abuse by walking away.

A few years back, there was someone who was posting nasty stuff on social media about me. My friends will screen capture the posts and send them to me. This caused me too much pain and grief. It started to affect how I function and I even began to question my own values.
Until I realized, the pain I was going through was all my doing. The opinion of this person does not define who I am.

I purposefully stopped myself from caving in to curiosity. Even if my friends were saying that there are fresh posts that are obviously about me, I respectfully told well-meaning friends not to send the messages my way. I will not subject myself to get hurt by choice. Ignorance was bliss.

2. From evil doers come evil deeds.

The first time I saw some of the posts, I saw red! Retaliation seems like the easy next plan of action. But I stepped back and thought to myself, “What is the best thing to do?” I asked myself what will taking revenge accomplish? So instead of posting something that may potentially hurt other people or confronting the other person, I decided to love this person from a distance.
I regularly included this person in my daily prayers. I prayed that whatever hurt this person is going through, may healing come.

Sometimes we get hurt because we allow it to happen. By learning to walk away, we save ourselves from unnecessary harm.

As for me, I chose to walk away and love a person from a distance. I was freed from stress. Over time we both learned to co-exist in a civil fashion. And remember my prayers for this “enemy”? It was answered. Over the past months I’ve noticed a change in behavior and good things started to happen. Win-win!