Talk 3 – Proliferate

Talk 3, Proliferate, is the continuation of the talk series, Full – I Have Enough.

In this talk, Bro.Arun emphasized that God runs a seed store, not a fruit store. According to him, planting seed is the only thing in this world that will give us abundance.

In life, we need to invest 20% of our harvest in order to become successful in the financial aspect of our life. In the same way, we need to allocate 2 hours per day to improve our skills. It also talks about the importance of patience and that we have to give time if we want something to grow.

It differentiates the fruit eater vs the seed planter. That character defines who we are when no one is watching. That there are carabaos within us who are fighting each other and the carabao that we feed wins.

God doesn’t give money but he gave us the talents, skills, capabilities that we need to make money.

Bro. Arun’s final word is that God does not need our success but He wants our surrender.

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The Feast Bellevue Dec 3, 2017

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